Banana bread to pizza cereals

Banana bread to pizza cereals: Top baking trends of 2021. As people took to eating homemade delicacies amid the pandemic, what emerged were a variety of food trends. Know about them here

With the pandemic limiting consumption of restaurant food, people — many of whom were first-timers — had to hit their kitchens to prepare their meals. In the process, while enthusiasts chose to compensate for delicacies by whipping them at home, many others came up with new kinds of food combinations. What emerged in the process was a range of food trends that caught people’s attention.

From banana bread to pizza cereals, people started baking a variety of foods. Here are the top baking trends from 2020:

Banana bread: A Google Trends report from Apil 2020 found banana bread to be the most-searched recipe online. Ever since banana bread became viral, celebrities like Alia Bhatt, Shilpa Shetty and Sonam Kapoor, among others, tried their versions of the popular recipe.

Focaccia bread art: As people struggled with the monotony brought about by the lockdowns, they made sure their food looked interesting. And this bread art definitely seemed to be an outcome of this approach. This trend involves decorating food with edible items, from flowers, buds, cherry tomatoes, fresh herbs and so on.

Pancake cereals: As people experimented with breakfast food items, another trend emerged — pancake cereals. In this viral food trend, people replaced regular with miniature pancakes, variations of which flooded social media, from using vegan gluten-free, vegan ingredients to adding flavoured icing on top.

Pizza cereals: If pancake cereals weren’t enough, food enthusiasts like Valentina Mussi from Miami popularised what came to be known as pizza cereals — salty cereals in the shape of mini pizzas. And the recipe involved just three main ingredients.

That is not all. As the cereal food trend became more and more popular, social media users also experimented by making other varieties like cookie cereals, doughnut cereals or waffle cereals.

Froggy bread: The pandemic further saw the revival of old recipes, like froggy bread which was derived from a 2005 blog post on frog bread on the website The Fresh Loaf. As strange as the name sounds, food enthusiasts began whipping up their own versions of bread but in the shape of a frog.

Cloud bread: Adding yet another food trend to the list, social media users started baking and sharing what they called “cloud bread”, a trend reportedly started by Anaa from Los Angeles, who shared the recipe video on social media. While the colourful, fluffy bread may seem a little complicated to bake, it just required three main ingredients — egg whites, cornstarch and white sugar, along with which you could add food colours and other flavours.

Mug Recipes: From mug pizza to mug cake, these quick recipes came to the rescue of especially those who were pressed for time between household chores and work from home, but craved good food.

Have you tried any of these recipes?

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