FSSAI recommends easy ways to make food tastier

FSSAI recommends these easy ways to make food more tasty and nutritious for adolescents. Tweak your dishes a little to make them healthy as well as tasty.

Adolescents can be really picky eaters which may, in turn, impact their health. Why? Because lack of nutrients like vitamins, fiber, and minerals in your diet would take away the essential nourishment which your body needs.

As per FSSAI (Food Safety and Standards Authority of India), eating balanced meals, drinking plenty of water, avoiding foods high in sugar, salt, and oil, and consuming boiled or baked foods instead of fried foods is good for one’s health.

If you have been struggling with ways to incorporate nutritious yet tasty foods that may appeal to such eaters, here are some expert and handy tips from FSSAI that will come to your rescue.

*Instead of serving roti and vegetables separately, roll up the vegetables with roti and add a freshly cut salad with a homemade chutney to the roll.

*Add mashed pumpkin and bottle gourd to any gravy items like shahi paneer, butter chicken etc.

*When making white sauce for pasta, just stir in pureed cauliflower or bottle gourd in the sauce itself. It is an easy way to add fibre and vitamins without detection.

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