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How Amazon is the Most Important Company in 2022

It’s been two decades since Amazon first took a step in the world of eCommerce. Today many consider it one of the biggest companies in the world. It has become a business source for many and is continue to evolve with every coming day. Now the opportunities it has created have led to making it the biggest platform for market retailers. Considering the unprecedented growth of the company let’s see how Amazon became the most important company in 2022.

Limitless Expansion

No company can grow to the heights of glory without expansion. Amazon has become a perfect example of expansion as it is today available on every continent. In the technological world, Amazon is considered as the godfather as only its eCommerce revenue has toppled the mark of $34.2 billion. Reaching this high is not possible at all. Moreover, Amazon has also provided other services through which its growth is increasing. For the expansion of your store, you can do the best fba course.

Furthermore, this much success has only been possible because the company is expanding to every country out there. Amazon is present in most of the developed countries and has established regional offices and warehouses for expanding its service by linking every country to the world. It has become a platform just like social media but the only difference is the services.

Job Opportunities

Every country where Amazon starts its setup provides millions of opportunities to the people living there. Take the example of dropshipping that it provides to the country. It hires people from that area and they, as a result, do the delivery task of the products. Moreover, it offers numerous opportunities for startups in the area so that more and more people shift to it.

As per some statistics, Amazon has only covered %40 of the US market in terms of eCommerce and the employment opportunities it has provided are more than %4. So imagine the scale to which Amazon is providing numerous jobs to people around the world. This has made Amazon one of the most important companies today as it has become a source of income for people of the entire world.

Multiple Products

Let’s be honest in this opinion, Amazon has got almost every kind of product on its platform. A customer has to just name the product and he can get it over Amazon and that too at cost-effective prices. Now, why would anybody go to a market for getting a thing when it can be delivered at the doorstep? From electronics to handmade products, you can get anything from Amazon.

Furthermore, it has now become a platform where you can sell your talent as well. For example, now you can sell your designs on Amazon, and once picked, you get a share over every sale. So the wide variety of offerings by the platform has made it a global network where one can find any product he requires. I mean you can get anything, may it be furniture or may it be kids’ toys. There’s just no limit!


To summarize, Amazon is not just a common company but the most important one in 2022. Originating from a selling perspective to becoming a platform where you can get everything and enjoys the perks that are associated with it. Undoubtedly it has become the best tech company today.

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