Road Accident Realities: States With The Most Road Accidents In India

Confidence in our driving must align with the uncertainty of public roads. Third-party car insurance is crucial, yet the surge in traffic accidents emphasises the imperative of comprehensive coverage. Car insurance is cost-effective, particularly when obtained online, debunking common misconceptions.

Alarming Statistics: India’s Road Accidents

India, topping global road fatalities since 2009 with 151,113 demises in 2019, underscores the pressing need for comprehensive car insurance. The WHO-reported data aligns with the nation’s rapid growth in vehicle registrations, emphasising the urgency for robust traffic safety measures.

States With The Most Accidents On The Road

A Ministry of Road Transport and Highways report reveals that two-wheelers are heavily involved in road fatalities, with overspeeding being the leading cause. Driving cautiously is imperative for all road users in India.

Causes Of Traffic Accidents

Numerous factors contribute to minor and severe traffic accidents, emphasising the importance of comprehensive car insurance.

  1. Human Error

Driver negligence, including violations of traffic laws, driving under the influence, speeding, and running red lights, is a significant cause of accidents. Strict adherence to traffic guidelines, such as wearing safety equipment, could significantly reduce accidents.

  1. Road Environment

Poor road conditions contribute to 17–18% of traffic accidents in India. Factors include accidents in specific areas, unfavourable topography, road junctions, and adverse weather conditions.

  1. Poor Driving Circumstances

Overloaded trucks and older cars susceptible to breakdowns contribute to accidents, leading to financial hardships for those without proper coverage. Comparing the cost of four-wheeler insurance and buying car insurance online is recommended to save on expenses.

Governmental Initiatives To Reduce Car Accidents

The Motor Vehicles (Amendment) Act 2019 proposes measures to address the rising concern of road accidents.

  • Increased enforcement of traffic laws, including higher fines for violations.
  • Prompt assistance for victims of traffic accidents.
  • Support to reduce the cost of third-party car insurance, especially for online purchases.
  • Streamline the licensing procedure and improve the public transport network.

The government prioritises road safety in road design to minimise accidents. Car Insurance offers several benefits of car insurance such as comprehensive coverage, including damage to property, vehicles, and persons. Noteworthy advantages include easy coverage, zero-deprecation options, a vast network of garages, accidental damage and theft cover, and a streamlined online purchasing process. Claims are subject to terms and conditions set forth under the motor insurance policy. *

Prioritising Safety With Car Insurance

The unpredictable nature of driving underscores the necessity of car insurance. Comprehensive policy protects the driver, vehicle owner, and others involved in an accident. The stress-free claim settlement process, the convenience of purchasing insurance online, and the option to calculate premiums using the free car premium calculator make it a sensible choice. Make sure you renew your car insurance on time.

Unforeseen circumstances on public roads necessitate comprehensive car insurance in India. Alarming road accident statistics highlight the urgency of adhering to traffic laws and investing in adequate coverage. Government initiatives aim to reduce accidents through law enforcement, support for victims, and improvements to the transport network. Car Insurance stands out with its comprehensive coverage and user-friendly features, making it a prudent choice for safeguarding against the unpredictable nature of road accidents.

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