Spotify Premium Mini plan launched in India

Swedish music streaming service Spotify has unveiled its new plan called Premium Mini.

Swedish music streaming service Spotify on Tuesday launched its new plan called Premium Mini in India, in a bid to expand its user base in the country. Now known as Premium Mini, the new plans are available at a reduced cost than when the music streaming service went live in the country in early 2019.

The Swedish streaming giant’s new plans would let users Rs 7 for the 1-day plan and Rs 25 for the 1-week premium plan. These same plans were previously available for Rs 13 and Rs 39, respectively.

Spotify’s new Premium Mini plan, however, has some conditions; users can listen to music or songs only on a mobile phone and the limit has been capped at 30 songs on a single device. In the individual plan, a user can listen to songs on desktop apps or the web client and can download up to 10,000 songs per device on five devices.

Spotify Premium lets users listen to its vast collection without any advertisements, and they can also save music offline among other features.

Meanwhile, the music and podcast streaming platform has started working on a new feature for its Android users. The new feature is basically an extension of a previously available feature where the platform allowed users to listen to locally downloaded music on their Android/iOS.

The main limitation of the early available feature is that users had to sync the songs on the same local networks as their desktop Spotify app. Now, this is all set to change and Spotify has been reportedly testing a new feature where users will be able to play locally stored music directly within the app.

The feature was spotted by reverse engineer Jan Manchun Wong who posted a picture on her Twitter handle where the feature is available as a toggle in the Android app.

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