This wedding season, try light and breathable printed lehengas

This wedding season, you won’t have to worry about your dress being too heavy. You can opt for a light-weight printed lehenga and make a statement.

Glamming up for a wedding is so much fun. We get to wear our best traditional outfits. Try new accessories and experiment with makeup. Those who love dressing up, find weddings as a perfect chance to display their talent. But while we get to wear our simple traditional outfits on different festivals and occasions, our much-loved lehengas only come out when we have to attend a wedding of our close friend or family member. 

It’s mostly because the lehengas in our collection are too heavy. While the intricate work makes them look gorgeous, they become so heavy weight-wise and look-wise that wearing them at a distant wedding will be an invitation to trolls. 

And even we get a chance to wear these heavy lehengas, walking around in them is so difficult, especially with the high heels. So, what is the alternative for that, you might be wondering. Well, stress no more as we are here to solve all your fashion-related problems. 

Printed lehengas are the answer to all your questions. They are light, breathable and super fashionable. From floral prints to geometrical design, you can get endless variety when it comes to printed lehengas. If you love an outfit with many hues, then you are in for a treat for sure. 


Not just this, printed lehengas are super easy to style. You can easily rock a no accessory look or can go for a choker necklace and earrings to amp up your traditional look. 

The best part about printed lehengas is that you can wear them on small occasions as well and you will not have to wait for a wedding to don them. 


Such outfits are also very light-weight even though they might look heavy. So, you can pair them with high heels and still move around freely. Usual traditional lehengas also make one feel tired after a few hours. That will not be the case if you go for a printed lehenga. 

You can also experiment with colours with such lehengas and you won’t have to restrict yourself to the usual and boring colours. 


When it comes to jewellery, such outfits can be paired up with traditional designs such as Kundan or can even be teamed with western jewels such as layered chains or hoop earrings. You can experiment as much as you want with outfits like these.

If you wish to ditch the dupatta and add a modern twist to your look, you can do that too. Instead of a dupatta, you can either opt for a cape or a long printed jacket. Because these lehengas are so light, you can even wear sneakers with them and follow the trend. 

So, what do you think about the raging trend of printed lehengas? Let us know! 

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