Need a Reliable Fruit and Vegetable Wash? Here’s What to Look For in Products

Fruits and vegetables are essential to one’s health. However, purchasing and consuming the cleanest and freshest veggies and fruits is essential. Produce growers and regulatory authorities must be on top of food safety ranging from the growing and harvesting phases to processing and the point of sale.

As a retailer, selling produce that is of the highest quality and fresh is essential, but offering a safe product is even more important. This is where the use of a scientifically backed antimicrobial fruit and vegetable wash comes into play.

Taking the time to appropriately clean and prep veggies, fruits and flowers can enhance their shelf life, minimize bacteria and slow down shrinkage. Here’s what to look for in these products.

Research the Antimicrobial Qualities of Products

Many produce washes are labeled as antimicrobial solutions, but they don’t all eradicate the same food and floral borne issues. Some common pathogens are a must to look for in products, and ideally, they will be labeled as 99.99% efficient in eradication. These will include the ability to eliminate listeria, salmonella and e.coli that may be present on the surface, which is important to prevent cross-contamination.

Check If the Product is EPA and FDA Approved

Products under consideration should be properly recognized by authoritative entities. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and Food and Drug Administration (FDA) dictate the types of antimicrobial washes that can be used for fresh foods. Make sure the product is approved for its intended uses.

Investigate the Ease of Using the Product

Is the antimicrobial wash simple and safe to use by staff? Safety is paramount, just like that of your consumers. Choose a product that doesn’t require protective equipment such as eye shields and industrial gloves. If the product is too hazardous or hard to use, employees may use too little of the product or be hesitant to use it. This can result in customers bypassing products that don’t look clean, hydrated and fresh.

Is the Wash Able to Be Used on Whole & Cut Fruits, Veggies and Flowers?

There are certain antimicrobial fruit and vegetable washes that have certain limitations pertaining to how they can be used and what type of products they can be used on. Finding a compliant and safe solution can simplify operations because it is approved for rinsing and rehydrating both whole and cut vegetables and fruits, and is an excellent floral preservative. Attractive flower bouquets are great last-minute or instinctual purchases that can add to your company’s bottom line!

Keep Fresh Fruits & Veggies Clean and Appealing With Chemstar Maintenance

If you want to start using an eco-friendly antimicrobial wash for produce that has all of these key qualities, the partnership between ECOLABS and Chemstar Maintenance makes it easy. By taking these proactive steps in an effort to reduce risks to customers and enhance staff safety, your business can flourish.

We have EPA approved and registered antimicrobial products for fruits and vegetables that also serve as an excellent floral preservative, too. Keep customers coming back for more with a showcase worthy fresh market department—contact Chemstar Maintenance today to learn more.

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