Thermage and Ultherapy – Two Wonderful Skincare Therapies

Ageless beauty is something that we all want. However, aging is a natural process that none of us can prevent, right? No, you are wrong. I know some of you are surprised while few others would have guessed what I am talking about. Yes, with the advancement of science and technology, skin care and beauty treatments have also evolved.

Some of the skin care therapies and treatments are gaining popularity these days. AItherapy, 热玛吉 are some of the non-invasive therapies to name a few. These are more popular than the others mainly because of how quick and effective they are over the others.

These skin care treatment almost require zero downtime and it can be carried out in few minutes, right in your doctor’s office. The only important thing is that you should choose a reputed and trusted hospital and skin care hospital with well trained staff. This step of choosing the right place is of utmost important because the rest will automatically follow.

Retens is a well reputed organization that provides best services. They have been pioneers in this industry and in the last 10 years they have done a remarkable job at it. They are dedicated to deliver top quality services for their clients. Their therapists are equipped with the right scientific knowledge about each technology that is suggested and practiced.

What is Thermage?

Thermage is a skin care treatment where radio-frequency is used to heat the inside layers of our skin to induce collagen secretion. This procedure does not require surgery and so it is one of the simplest yet effective skin care therapy. The collagen thus secreted gradually makes the Thermage   soft and tight.

What is Ultherapy?

Ultherapy is a skin care therapy, non invasive again but the backend technology used for this therapy is different. As per the name suggests, the ultrasound is used in this therapy and the collagen secretion is induced.

Differences and similarities between these two skin therapies

These two therapies have many things in common but they are quite different from one another. Even though the aim of both of these treatments is to help us with better and younger looking skin, like the Thermage 效果, the main difference lies in the procedure.

Let me list out few pointers to explain how similar yet different they are:

  • Both these treatments are non invasive.
  • They are both procedures with little or no down time.
  • These are the best skin care therapies for people who want to go foe complex medical procedures and surgeries.
  • The Thermage can treat wide skin areas whereas AItherapy can go deep within your skin. Altherapy is best when trying to treat targeted areas.
  • The time taken for the results to show up in both the treatments are not immediate. As the collagen secretion starts to work, there will be visible changes.
  • But in Altherapy the results are seen from 2 to 3 months after the treatment and in Thermage it will be around 6 months.

With the above comparison I think you are now clear with the subtle differences between the two therapies and it will help you to choose one that you want.

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